About Us

How it started

When my third child was born I realised that the pace of life was going to step up.  Leaving the house took a lot longer, the washing pile grew even more and the juggling of everyone’s commitments more complicated.  Our family holidays were crucial, a supposedly calmer time where we didn’t have time pressures and could enjoy our children.  We soon discovered that this wasn’t easily achieved as we still had three young children wanting to do different things and all with us.  This was when we decided to take a GAP year student with us, we never looked back!

My friends then started asking me to find them people to help on their holidays until one of them told me I had found my calling.  She was right!  A childcare option that fits around the family absolutely.  No judgement, purely there to help and make sure your children have fun and you don’t have the pressure of making sure they are happy.

Now as a mother of four, a Holiday Hand allows my husband and me quality time with our children – one on one which is impossible in normal life.  The Holiday Hand looks after the others or all of them if the quality time needs to be with my husband!