Our Testimonials

This summer I spent two weeks in Devon looking after three gorgeous little girls. We were so lucky to be near the seaside; lots of trips to the beach and even more ice cream. Having holidayed in that area of Devon myself as a child I was able to take a trip down memory lane and show the girls lots of things I’d done when I was younger such as crabbing in Newton Ferrers and rock pooling on Mothercombe Beach. We also had loads of fun riding the Shetland pony that was down there and rolling down the slopes in the garden.  The mother and I got into a great routine which meant we could both have time to chill out and the kids also knew what was going on. It was a lovely way to spend two weeks of my summer holiday and I can’t wait for my next Holiday Hands trip.


I have taken two trips to America, one to Florida another to Massachusetts. Both have been very enjoyable and a brilliant experience that I still talk about to this day.

Every day tasks were manageable and cooking/cleaning was easy as I often had the help from other people employed by the family, such as a lovely cook and a house keeper. 
I was made very welcome and given my own bedroom & bathroom.  I was made to feel very welcome & lent a car for my time off.  On my time off I was encouraged to take trips and explore.

Evenings varied between accompanying the family out to dinner, evenings off or babysitting the daughter.


Being a mother’s help near my home in Wiltshire was such a fantastic way to spend the summer. I was so lucky to be looking after 3 wonderful kids and working for such a lovely mummy. We did loads of different stuff over the course of the summer including lots of baking, painting, trampolining in the garden and racing around on the toy cars.

I also helped look after the dog whilst the family were out, with general housekeeping and driving the children to things such as their swimming lessons and days out.  It worked so well for me, as a student, being able to work whilst I was home during the holidays in a flexible job as well as a really fun one. The family and I were able to work around each other to ensure that I was there whenever they needed me but still got to see my friends and enjoy my summer holidays which I think is unique to Holiday Hands. It worked out so well that I went back over the Christmas holidays to the same family.

What I love about Holiday Hands is that you really form a bond with your family so work is a real giggle and a lovely place to be.