Our Testimonials

We had the most wonderful Holiday Hand on our ski holiday in Val d'Isere last year.  She was incredible with our three children, hands on and there was constant laughter.

Not only did she take them to ski school every day so we got first lifts, she helped us out on our journey to & from France, she babysat a few times to enable us to enjoy some apres ski as well as some lovely meals out with my hubby.


I can't recommend Holiday Hands highly enough, Milly was amazingly supportive and helpful as I had never used them before. We will definitely use them again in the future.

Laura Mitchell-Innes

6 year old & twins aged 4

Given the pressure of juggling homeschooling and both parents working full time, we turned to Holiday Hands to help us find the right pair of extra hands.  Milly connected us with a super girl in a matter of days which has been a complete lifesaver.

Anna was instantly helpful, confident and chatty but also easy-going.  She has helped our youngest with his school work and our eldest with support where required but also entertained and kept them occupied in between their school work.

Anna has settled into our new "normal" life at home very easily and is enthusiastic to help in any way.  We cannot thank Holiday Hands enough for responding so quickly and effectively to our initial request for help.  Has made the whole tricky situation bearable!

Katherine Ward

10 year old & 7 year old

George absolutely made our Cornish holiday.  Somewhat sceptical about taking a boy to look after the children, my mind was soon put at rest when we arrived at the beach and he leapt out, grabbed the bags and boards and raced the boys to the sand.  From that moment they were inseparable.  He taught them water safety, something they would never have taken from me.  He also was very aware of timings and my youngest's threshold for getting overtired which impressed me.

He also didn't seem to find any resistance to the family games after supper which in the past have been usurped by screens.

all in all a wonderful role model for my boys and a great help to me.

Jessie Hamilton

14 year old, 12 year old, 9 year old