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What is a Holiday Hand ?

A Holiday Hand is a girl or boy who will be an extra pair of Hands – on your holiday, at your event, at home or in any situation where life would be that much easier with some help.  They are not nannies and come with no preconceptions on what life with children ‘should’ be like.

We have a wide range of Holiday Hands; from those on their GAP year, university students through to qualified teachers looking to work in the school holidays.

We all have different styles of parenting and our Holiday Hands adapt to how you do it.  Typical jobs whether on holiday with you or at home would include:


Activities with the children

Looking after the children at mealtimes

Tidying children’s toys/clothes

Bathtime / Storytime / Bedtime


Walking the dog

And a hundred things besides!

We want you to use us again and again ideally finding a Holiday Hand who can become a permanent fixture on your family holidays or when you need help at home.  A lot of time and thought is taken in finding someone who fits your family.